Las Brisas Association Rules

Amended and Restated CC&Rs

Cabaña FOB Keys

Cabaña FOB Keys

Each unit will be assigned one (1) FOB key only. The initial FOB key will be issued at no charge. Replacement FOB Keys will be issued at $50.00 each and will be billed to the homeowner’s account. Replacement FOB keys will automatically void-out the use of any previous FOB keys, should it be found. FOB Keys will be distributed to homeowners only or tenants authorized by the Homeowner. See attached FOB key forms. Please contact The Masters Group to schedule a time to pick up your FOB key.

Homeowners only may elect to have the FOB key mailed to them, certified, at a cost of $25.00. This will be billed to their homeowners account. NOTE: If the certified key is not picked up and signed for and a new FOB needs to be re-issued the owner will be charged $50.00 for the replacement FOB key, plus cost of certified mailing.

Cabana KeyCard - Owners

Cabana Key Cards - Renters

Please do not give this key card to anyone.  If there is any damage to the walls, doors, windows, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, carpet, furniture, television, remote control, pictures, pool table or equipment, ping pong table, exercise equipment, etc., caused during the time when the homeowner’s code is used, the homeowner will be assessed the cost of repairs for this damage.

If you do not have a Keycard, they are issued on Saturday mornings only.  To make a reservation to receive your Keycard, please contact The Masters Group for an appointment.  Please include your Name, Unit Number and Phone Number.  You will be contacted Friday evening with an appointment time Saturday morning.

Cabaña Rental

Cabaña Party Rentals

Please read this page very carefully before sending your request to book the Cabaña for a party.

  • You may rent the Cabaña on Saturday or Sunday (only one day of the weekend) for a 6-hour window of time;

  • Number of people allowed for parties: 49

  • The 6-hour window may be scheduled between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays and between 12:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Sundays;

  • If you wish to rent the Cabaña during the week, the hours are from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.;

  • Your chosen 6-hour window of time includes set-up and clean-up after the party;

  • Please make sure to take down all signs and balloons and take out the garbage;

  • Your deposit check will not be returned to you until all of your guests have left the premesis;

  • No amplified music allowed in the Cabaña at any time;

  • No one is allowed in the second floor loft, especially children ;

  • Rental of the Cabaña does include the picnic talbles.  However, the rental does not include the swimming pool.   If your guests are found in the pool, your party will be closed down by security;

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed in the Cabaña;

  • You are responsible for the actions of your guests at all times.

  • Exercise Room

    Exercise Equipment

    The exercise equipment in the Cabaña is provided for the enjoyment of all residents of Las Brisas.  Please be careful with the equipment so as not to cause any damage.

  • If you are listening to music in the Weight Room, you must use headphones at all times.
  • Use of all exercise equipment is at your own risk.
  • Do not remove the pins from the exercise equipment.
  • Report any damage to the equipment to The Masters Group at 408-445-4455.
  • Do not adjust the thermometer.
  • Do not use the equipment in wet clothes.
  • If there is a scheduled party in the Cabaña, please ask the host if you may use the Exercise Room.  If the host prefers to have a private party, please respect the host's wishes and come back at another time.

    Fine Schedule

    Las Brisas Association
    Fine Schedule

    The following is a list of violations enforceable fines (but not limited to):

  • Littering
  • Shopping Carts
  • Pets in Courtyard
  • Not picking up after pets
  • Noise violations (i.e., Stereo, TV, Etc.)
  • Architectural Violations
  • Speeding
    • 1st offense:  Warning
    • 2nd offense:  $50.00
    • 3rd offense:  $100.00
    • 4th offense:  (and each additional offense) will be $200.00 more tan previous fine imposed.

    Offenses for separate violations will each start at fining stage.

    Adopted by Las Brisas Association Board of Directors February 23, 2005.

    Garbage Disposals

    Garbage Disposal Rules

    The Board of Directors strongly urges that residents DO NOT use the garbage disposal in the kitchen sinks.  The waste that is put in the disposals (especially rice and pasta) cause frequent backups and, as a result, unforeseen expenses for repairs. These expenses contribute to increased dues.

    It has been suggested by our plumbing company, Aquatek, that you run your disposal 1-2 times a week using hot water and then let the hot water run for about 5 minutes.  This practice helps to melt the grease and flush it down the drains.  This will also get rid of any small bits of garbage that may end up in the disposal.

    Hard Surface Floors

    Flooring Rules

    Per Section 5.17 of the CC&R’s, “NO hard-cover floors may be installed on second story and third story floors of any building of Las Brisas (excluding kitchens and bathrooms).  If you have installed such hard cover floors prior to January 15, 2003, you must install carpets or area rugs with acoustic pads in all rooms.

    If there are complaints about noise from such hard-cover floors, the Board of Directors will require that the hard-cover floors be replaced with soft covering (that is, wall-to-wall carpeting with acoustic pads) at your expense.

    If you are going to sell your unit, we strongly advise that you disclose to the buyer Section 5.17 of the CC&R’s and that the hard surfaced floors are to be covered by carpets with acoustic pads in all rooms (excluding kitchens and bathrooms).

    If you installed hard cover floors after January 15, 2003, you will be required to replace these floors with wall-to-wall carpeting at your expense.  If you refuse to do so, the Association will replace these floors and you will be billed for all costs.

    Home Insurance

    HO6 Insurance Policy

    As an owner you only own from the last sheet of drywall inside.  Las Brisas Homeowners Association owns the common areas, which includes inside the walls.

    The Association carries insurance to protect the common areas of the property, as well as the Association itself. It is the Homeowner's responsibility to carry Homeowner's Insurance or, if you are a tenant leasing a unit, Renter's Insurance. Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance not only protects your personal property, it also provides coverage in the event that a component that you maintain (e.g. your ice maker or toilet) causes damage to another unit or if someone is injured inside your unit.

    All residents are encouraged to contact their individual insurance broker to discuss the benefits of obtaining a Homeowner's "HO6" or Renter's insurance policy. Note that under our new CC&Rs, the Association is no longer responsible for repairing damage inside units that results from the failure of common area components, such as roof leaks or common area plumbing backups, unless the Association is found negligent.

    Not all HO6 policies cover water seepage, so talk to your insurance broker to make sure you have any needed endorsements on your policy. Past damage due to leaks and water seepage has been costly.

    If you have damage to your unit that is the responsibility of the Association to repair, the Association will only cover up to the value of the original construction quality. Any upgrades to your unit, such as granite countertops or upgraded cabinets, will be the responsibility of the owner.

    Home Modification

    Window/Door Replacement

    As an owner you only own from the last sheet of drywall inside.  If you with to modify any walls that are outside walls or ceilings, please fillout the Application for Home Modification and email it to The Masters Group..

    If you wish to install an air conditionor or replace your sliding glass doors and windows, please fill out the appropriate forms below and bring the form to the next Board of Directors Meeting.

    Air Conditioning:  Las Brisas AC Requirements and Application Form

    Sliding Glass Door and Window Replacement  Approved Aluminum Windows or Approved Vinyl Windows.

    Littering Rules

    Littering Rules

    For reasons of fire safety, public health, and attractive appearance of our community, it is very important that we keep our grounds and common areas free of trash and litter.

    Most residents of our community are very conscientious about performing their responsibilities.  However, it is necessary to enforce the following rules, to ensure that everyone contributes to this effort.

  • All trash and garbage from individual units must be disposed of in the green dumpsters provided in the parking lot areas.  NO trash or garbage from any unit may be disposed of or left lying out anywhere else but inside the dumpsters.

  • If any homeowner or tenant of Las Brisas has physical difficulty in using the dumpsters, please contact The Masters Group (404-445-4455) to make special arrangements for trash and garbage disposal.

  • If any homeowner or tenant is seen littering on the grounds or common areas, by leaving trash, garbage, furniture, dog feces, shopping carts, or other refuse anywhere other than in the dumpsters, the homeowner will be fined $50 per incident.

  • It is the responsibility of each homeowner or tenant to arrange hauling and dumping of large items such as mattresses or appliances.  If any homeowner or tenant is seen leaving large items out on the grounds or in the common areas the homeowner be fined $100 per incident plus the dumping fee of $100.00.

  • The trash bins in the laundry rooms are there for the convenience of persons doing laundry only.  They are for empty detergent boxes, dryer lint, and other laundry room trash.  They are NOT for disposal of trash or garbage from individual units.  Any trash or garbage from an individual unit found in the laundry room trash bins will be subject to a $50 fine per incident that will be billed to the homeowner’s account.

  • The trash containers located at the front entrance are for disposal of junk mail.  They are NOT for disposal of trash or garbage from individual units or for cleaning up after pets.  Any trash or garbage from individual units or any pet droppings found in the entryway trash containers will be subject to a $50 fine per incident that will be billed to the homeowner’s account.

  • Shopping carts are not allowed on the premises.  If a homeowner or tenant is seen bringing a shopping cart onto the premises a $50 littering fine per incident that will be billed to the homeowner’s account.
  • Please see Recycling tab for a list of places where items can be recycled.

  • All fines will be assessed against the offending unit as a reimbursement assessment, to compensate the Las Brisas Association for the costs of cleanup.

  • Pet Rules

    Pet Owner Rules

    We welcome your pets and ask that you and they observe the rules and regulations of the CC&R’s.

    You are allowed to have one (1) pet under 25 pounds.  A pet larger than 25 pounds may be kept at Las Brisas only with special permission of the Board of Directors.  You are allowed to have more than one (1) pet only with special permission of the Board of Directors.  The Board has the authority to refuse permission for any pet over 25 pounds or for more than one (1) pet.  The Board also has the authority to give permission subject to whatever restrictions the Board deems appropriate.  Permission to keep an over-sized pet on the property must be renewed annually.  Permission will be renewed only if there have been no complaints against the pet that have not been satisfactorily addressed by the pet owner.

    Fill out this form for all Pet Requests:  Pet Request Form

    We do have a leash law in our community (as well as in Santa Clara County), which requires that your pet be on a leash anytime it is outside your home.  We also ask that all dog owners be considerate of your neighbors in controlling barking.

    You must clean up after your pets.  Any pet owner who does not clean up after their pet will be subject to a $50 littering fine for each incident.

    Cats must be kept indoors.  If you want to take your cat out, the cat must be on a leash.  If your cat(s) are allowed to roam outside and cause problems for other residents, you will be asked to remove your cat(s) from the premises.  If you refuse to do this, your cat(s) will be removed from the premises by the Board and you will be billed for all reimbursement charges for this action.

    Under no circumstances are pets allowed in the pool area or interior courtyards.

    Pest Control

    Pest Control

    Every 2nd Tuesday of the month Terminex provides pest control services to the complex.   A low-odor, Non- toxic spray is used.  If you should see cockroaches in your unit, please contact The Masters Group.

    No BBQ Grills

    NO BBQ Grills at Las Brisas

    It is against the Santa Clara fire code 308.3.1 to have any open flame cooking devices on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction., For this reason BBQ’s are ban from balconies and patios on the Las Brisas Property.

    There are BBQ’s located in the common area for your use and enjoyment.

    Pool and Spa

    Pool and Spa Rules

    No Smoking allowed in the pool/spa area(s) at any time.

    No alcohol is allowed in the pool/spa area(s) at any time.

    No running or diving is allowed in the pool/spa area(s) at any time.

    No glassware, such as soft drinks and/or beer bottles, are allowed in the pool/spa area(s) at any time.  Drinks in cans and/or plastic containers are allowed.

    THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.  All persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult resident at all times.

    No diapers are allowed in the pools or spa.

    Guests must be accompanied by an adult resident at all times.  Only four (4) guests per unit are allowed to be in the pool/spa area(s) at one time.

    Any activity creating undue noise such as yelling, or the use of amplified music, is prohibited.  Headphones may be used.

    No person under the age of fourteen (14) is allowed in the spa.  It is a health risk to allow children in the spa.  Pool privileges may be revoked for those homeowners/tenants in violation of this rule.

    A maximum of eight (8) persons is allowed in the spa at one time.  Homeowners/tenants need to ask their guests to remove themselves from the spa if there are residents waiting to enter.

    All trash must be placed into the proper trash receptacles.

    Should a homeowner/tenant’s guests violate any of the above-noted rules and the homeowner/tenant does not ask them to leave the property, security will be contacted and the homeowner will be billed a reimbursement fee for the cost of security to respond and any other additional fees incurred by the Association to address the matter.  Additionally, Cabana and/or pool/spa privileges may be revoked.  Homeowners will be responsible for tenant violations.


    Please do not dump, abandon or discard your old TV, electronics or bulky furniture. There are services that provide free pick up of such items.

    The expense of removing items left by the dumpsters is one of the expences that has required the Board to make the special assessments that are due in May and October.  To help the Association keep this cost down please recycle these items.

    There are many services available for helping to responsibly dispose of items.  You can search the County of Santa Clara’s website or to locate services and to find out more about recycling and waste:   Recycling Hotline.
    For current information, please read this PDF


    Please use no more than one (1) 8 ounce cup of water on the stone for sauna use.

    Using more water than the recommended amount causes damage to the sauna and flooring.

    Continued mis-use of the saunas will result in the Association closing the saunas.

    Storage Lockers

    Balcony Storage Lockers

    The A/C committee and Board decided to allow outdoor storage containers on balconies and patios.  Non-outdoor storage units will be in violation.

    Locker Rental Policy

    Lockers are available in each of the buildings for rent.  No more than two (2) lockers can be rented to any one unit at a time.  If excess lockers are available, you may rent more than two lockers at one time.  However, you may have to vacate this locker if the need arises.

    Lockers must have a card indicating Name of Resident/(Renter), Unit Number, and Phone Number.  All lockers without a proper identification card will be cleaned out and its contents will be thrown away.

    Lockers will be rented out once a month during the evening of Monthly Board Meeting only.  To make a reservation to rent a locker, please contact The Masters Group for an appointment.  Please include your Name, Unit Number and Phone Number.

    Locker Size/Price

  • Metal lockers: 6-1/2' x 3' x 2' — $12.00 per month
  • Small Wood Lockers: 3-1/2' x 3-1/2' x 2-1/2' — $8.00
  • Large Wood Lockers: 2 SMALLS — $16.00
  • Tennis Courts

    Tennis Court Rules

    Hours: 8:00 a.m. to sundown.

  • To reserve your time, please sign up on the Reservation Board.

  • Please limit your time to 1 hour when others are waiting.

  • Use only tennis style sneakers on the court – no regular shoes.

  • NO SKATEBOARDING or other sport activities are allowed on the tennis courts.

  • Please dispose of all garbage in the proper receptacles.

  • Toilet Replacement

    Replacing Your Toilet

    Residents replacing their toilet should use a “pressure assist” toilet rather than a low flush toilet (1.6 gallons), because the latter models do not provide enough push for the Association’s pipe system and could cause your unit to have frequent back-ups.  The Association asks that you keep or rebuild your current toilet, if at all possible.  If you have any questions, call Aqua Tek Plumbing (our approved plumbing company) at 408-295-7767 and they will advise you on the best replacement.

    Aqua Tek Plumbing is the only authorized plumbing company allowed to shut off the water to the buildings

    Water Shut-off

    Water Shut Offs

    Las Brisas Association is responsible for maintenance of all common plumbing pipes in the buildings, including integral stops and angle stops that connect directly to the pipes inside the walls.

    Any fixtures within the common area servicing a single unit is the responsibility of the owner to maintain and repair. Section 8.02 (5).

    Aqua Tek Plumbing is the only authorized plumbing company allowed to shut off the water to the buildings

    In the event that any common-area pipes or stops need repair, homeowners should request repairs through The Masters Group 408-445-4455.

    If any homeowner wishes to make cosmetic changes to any fixtures in their unit (such as changing the style of shower valve or moving an angle stop), that work must also be scheduled through The Masters Group, and cost will be billed back to the requesting homeowner.

    Forty-eight (48) hours notice is required for all water shut-offs.

    All building water shut-offs must by handled by the Association management company, and may never be scheduled independently by individual homeowners.

    If you wish to schedule a water shut-off for remodeling work, please contact The Masters Group by sending the Water Shut Off Request Form to their address under the Board of Directors section on this site.

    Water Shut Off Request Form:  Water Shut-Off Request Form

    Water Shut Off Notice (to be posted by owner 48 hours before the water is turned off):  Water Shut-Off Notice

    Window and Sliding-Door Replacement

    If you would like to replace your windows and sliding doors, please review the following information before filling out an Application for Home Modification.  You can replace your windows and sliding doors with either of the following options, but please note that the outside color must be silver

  • Vinyl option:  Approved Vilgard Vinyl DoorsApproved Milgard Vinyl Windows

  • Aluminum option:  Approved Milgard Aluminum Windows/Doors.

    The Association has negotiated discounted pricing with Quality Window and Doors, a vendor that has experience in replacing windows and sliding doors at Las Brisas.

    Please fill out the Application for Application for Home Modification. with the details of your choice, and submit the form to . Conditional approval will be give so that you may schedule your installation and the Board will officially approve your Aplication at the following Board Meeting.

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