Las Brisas Board of Directors for 2012-2013

Board Members:

Important Information

AJ Darling, President Security : 1-866-903-9111
Monika Lawrence, VP Emergencies (Fires / Safety): 911
Kathy Frye, Secretary Non-Emergencies (Santa Clara Police): 615-5580
Theresa Salazar, Treasurer Juvenile Activity: (Santa Clara Police): 261-5300
Kate Holloway, Member Maintenance 408-445-4455

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Major duties of the Las Brisas Association Board of Directors include the following:

  • Adopt and enforce policies intended to improve the quality of life at Las Brisas

  • Work with the Management Company to create and monitor the operations budget;

  • Approve all expenditures and sign checks to vendors;

  • Hold monthly meetings to discuss issues, event, maintenance, budgets, rules, and Homeowner issues.

  • Las Brisas Management Company

    The Masters Group

    Contacts Representative:  Dionna Smith
    Owner:  Rob March
    Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., M-F

    Address:  The Masters Group
    1610 Blossom Hill Road, Suite 7C
    San Jose, CA 95124


    P.O. Box 20094
    San Jose, CA 95160
    Phone: 408-445-4455 Fax: 408-266-6748

    Emergency: 408-445-4455 leave a message with a contact number and then dial 4 and a representative will be paged

    The Masters Group (TMG) is responsible for scheduling all maintenance on the premises. See Maintenance Section below.


    If you have a property emergency, please contact TMG at the emergency number at 408 445-4455 and a representative will return your call within one (1) hour. If you call the emergency number and the emergency is not legitimate, the homeowner will be assessed a Non-Emergency Fee of $50.00; between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the Non-Emergency Fee is $150.00. This fee will be billed to the homeowner’s account.

    Non-emergency examples include but are not limited to the following: Cabaña Reservations, lost unit/building keys, locked out of unit, re-finance or title inquiries, account balance information, vehicle break-ins (call the police), neighbor complaints (if noise complaints call the police), responses to violation letters, someone parking in your carport.

    Legitimate Emergencies would include but are not limited to: sewer backups, fires, water leaks and sink backups.

    For personal emergencies, please contact 911.

    Board Meetings

    Board Meetings

    Board Meeting:  Third Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. every month

    Annual Homeowners Meeting  June of each year

    Homeowners Items Schedule:  8:00 p.m. at each Board Meeting

    The Board Meetings are scheduled on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Cabaña.  Notices are posted on the main doors of each building at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting.  The Board of Directors meets to discuss issues affecting all homeowners of Las Brisas.

    The Board encourages all homeowners, especially new owners to our neighborhood, to attend these meetings to become familiar with the Board business and the responsibilities that the Board assumes for the smooth running of the Association property and the Association business.

    Election of the Board is held at the Annual Homeowners Meeting, which is held on the second Wednesday in June at 7:00 p.m. in the Cabaña.  There are five (5) Board members who each serve a two-year term. Occasionally, a board member moves or resigns, thus creating a vacancy.  This vacancy will be filled by appointment of a new director from the membership by the Board.

    Only homeowners can be Board Members, and only homeowners are invited to attend the monthly and Annual Homeowners Meeting.  You will receive notice of the annual meeting in the monthly newsletter.  Notices of the meetings are posted on the main doors of the buildings at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting.

    Homeowners issues will be discussed from 8:00 p.m. at each monthly meeting.  In order to save time, please fill out the Home Owners Issues Form and present it to our Management Company Representative during the Board Meeting.  At the appropriate time, the Management Company Representative will read each issue and ask for details. Please help your Board out by stating your issues as precisely as possible.  The Management Company will issue a report as to the resolution of all issues at the following Board Meeting.

    Architectural Committee

    Architectural Committee


    According to Section 7.3 of the CC&R’s:

    “It shall be the duty of the Architectural Committee to consider and act upon such proposals or plans submitted to it pursuant to the terms of Section 5.4 hereof, to adopt Architectural Committee Rules, to perform other duties delegated to it by the Association and to carry out all other duties imposed upon it by this Declaration all to the end that the Project shall have a cohesive architectural appearance, design and pattern.”

    According to Section 5.4 of the CC&R’s:

    “Any proposals for alterations, additions, or other improvements of Restricted Common Area shall be submitted to the Architectural Committee in writing by the Owner proposing such alterations, additions or improvements.  The Committee shall review such proposals to determine (i)whether such proposals would be compatible with the design, construction and standards of quality of the Project; (ii) whether the proposed improvements would interfere with or disturb the use or enjoyment of other Units; and (iii) whether the proposed improvements would be acceptable to the City in which the Project is located.”

    1.  The AC shall adopt a policy for the Standard of Appearance for all restricted common areas (that is, Balconies and Patios).  This Standard of Appearance will be presented to the Board of Directors for inclusion in our policies.

    2.  The AC shall inspect all restricted common areas at least four (4) times per year and report the unit numbers of units not in compliance to the Management Company.  The Management Company will then send letters asking that the homeowners bring their balconies and patios into compliance.

    3.  No later than two weeks after letters are written to homeowners, the AC shall re-inspect those units and report to the Management Company those units still not in compliance.

    4.  When asked to make a decision on appearance issues for the common areas, select paint, select tile, etc., the AC will do so within thirty (30) days. If the AC does not make a decision within thirty (30) days, the Board of Directors will then make the decisions and commence with the work.

    5.  If the AC is unable to come to resolution, it may ask for Board assistance with the final decisions on appearance of projects.

    Please Contact the Architectural Committee for the following items:

    1. Guidelines and applications for where to locate your air conditioner.

    2. Guidelines and applications for replacement of windows.

    Important Guidelines

    No structural changes to the outside of the building are permitted without first contacting the Architectural Committee.  Patios and decks should not be used for storage of boxes, cartons, construction tools, or equipment.

    Window Coverings

    If you wish to put colored curtains or drapes up on any window or sliding glass door, they must be lined with white or off-white facing the window.

    Satellite Dishes

    Satellite dishes are allowed on the premises, but may not be attached to Las Brisas property. They may be attached to a table on the balcony, but not the balcony itself.

    Architectural Walk Through Inspections

    Th Architectural Committee shall conduct inspections of balconies and patios four (4) times a year.  Below is a form containing the items that must be repaird or removed from balconies and patios.

    Architectural Walk Through Report


    Security Company: Security Code 3

    Office:  1-866-903-9111      Hours:  Daily – Times Vary

    Las Brisas provides security.  Please contact Security Code 3 at the number listed above if you observe anything unusual on the premises or have a noise or security complaint.

    You, as homeowners, are our first line of security.  If you observe any activity on the premises that is suspicious please take a minute to contact the Santa Clara Police Department at their non-emergency number of 408-984-3191 immediately, then contact The Masters Group at 408-445-4455 during the daytime hours with the appropriate follow-up information.  At night, please contact Security Code 3 at the number listed above or the Santa Clara Police Department at their non-emergency number of 408-984-3191.  If you feel this may be a real emergency, then please dial 911.

    Unusual or Suspicious Activities

  • People digging through the trash bins for recyclables
  • If you see any of the security doors held open, please close them
  • People loitering on the property
  • Those openly flouting complex rules (as though unfamiliar with the rules)
  • Solicitors on the premises despite the posted signs

  • Please keep all entry doors and gates closed at all times.

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