Game Night

Las Brisas first Game Night will be Friday, August 1, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.  Bring your board games and meet your neighbors.  Pizza will be provided by the Board.  For questions, please contact The Masters Group.


We have been receiving complaints from residents about the toxic fumes from starter fluids used to start barbecue grills.  The HOA will supply charcoal chimney starters which do not require any starter fluid.  Place regular charcoal on top of crumpled paper inside the chimney and light it.

We are asking that when starting a barbecue fire, to please refrain from using lighter fluid or self-lighting briquettes.  

Attention Pet Owners

We have had complaints about a strong odor from dogs being allowed to urinate near the buildings doorways  Please be a responsible owner and only allow your dogs to uninate on grass or other plants and not on the buildings.

Please do not disturb Board Members

The Board Members are volunteers  If you have a maintenance issue, please report it to The Masters Group at 408-445-4455.

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