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Be a Considerate Neighbor

Please be a considerate neighbor:   Do not conduct loud conversations in lobbies or hallways after 9 p.m., and keep your stereo and television sound down to a reasonable level during the day and very quiet after 9 p.m.

“No owner or tenant shall permit excessive noise to emanate from their unit or common area, which would unreasonably disturb any other member’s enjoyment of their unit or the common area”.

Sun-Thu 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Fri-San 9:00 pm; to 10:00 pm

Insurance for Your Home

As an owner you only own from the last sheet of drywall inside.  Las Brisas Homeowners Association owns the common areas, which includes inside the walls.

The Association carries insurance to protect the common areas of the property, as well as the Association itself. It is the Homeowner's responsibility to carry Homeowner's Insurance or, if you are a tenant leasing a unit, Renter's Insurance. Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance not only protects your personal property, it also provides coverage in the event that a component that you maintain (e.g. your ice maker or toilet) causes damage to another unit or if someone is injured inside your unit.

All residents are encouraged to contact their individual insurance broker to discuss the benefits of obtaining a Homeowner's "HO6" or Renter's insurance policy. Note that under our new CC&Rs, the Association is no longer responsible for repairing damage inside units that results from the failure of common area components, such as roof leaks or common area plumbing backups, unless the Association is found negligent.

Not all HO6 policies cover water seepage, so talk to your insurance broker to make sure you have any needed endorsements on your policy. Past damage due to leaks and water seepage has been costly.

If you have damage to your unit that is the responsibility of the Association to repair, the Association will only cover up to the value of the original construction quality. Any upgrades to your unit, such as granite countertops or upgraded cabinets, will be the responsibility of the owner.

Garbage Disposals

The Board of Directors strongly urges that residents DO NOT use the garbage disposal in the kitchen sinks.  The waste that is put in the disposals (especially rice and pasta) cause frequent backups and, as a result, unforeseen expenses for repairs. These expenses contribute to increased dues.

It has been suggested by our plumbing company, Aquatek, that you run your disposal 1-2 times a week using hot water and then let the hot water run for about 5 minutes.  This practice helps to melt the grease and flush it down the drains.  This will also get rid of any small bits of garbage that may end up in the disposal.


Please do not dump, abandon or discard your old TV, electronics or bulky furniture. There are services that provide free pick up of such items.

The expense of removing items left by the dumpsters is one of the expences that has required the Board to make the special assessments that are due in May and October.  To help the Association keep this cost down please recycle these items.

Below is a list of places you can call for recycling:

Earth Care Recycling:  408-943-9943

     Pick up large TVs and monitors.

Zac Enterprises:  408-746-0817

     Pick up computer equipment.

Hope Services:  408-748-2861

     Pick up computer equipment.

Salvation Army:  408-286-3291

     Pick up Compuer, small appliances, furniture (mattresses, beds, couches, other large items in good condition $10 recycle fee).

St. Elizabeth's day home:  408-295-3456

     Pick up large TVs and monitors.

There are many more services available for helping to responsibly dispose of items.  You can search the County of Santa Clara’s website or to locate services and to find out more about recycling and waste:   Recycling Hotline.

Noise from Helen Avenue

Noise from Helen Avenue

Any resident that experiences loud noise from Helen Avenue needs to contact the Sunnyvale Police at 408-730-7100 and ask for Officer Bradley Militano or send an email to Officer Militano.

Toilet Replacement1

Residents replacing their toilet should use a “pressure assist” toilet rather than a low flush toilet (1.6 gallons), because the latter models do not provide enough push for the Association’s pipe system and could cause your unit to have frequent back-ups. The Association asks that you keep or rebuild your current toilet, if at all possible. If you have any questions, call Aqua Tek Plumbing (our approved plumbing company) and they will advise you on the best replacement.

Unusual Smells

If you smell gas, contact PG&E immediately at 1-800-743-5000.   Then contact The Masters Group at 408-445-4455.



MOTORCYCLE SECURITY- Please make sure your motorcycle is properly locked and secured on the property.

Recycle Bins

If you see people going through trash, call the police and report trespassers.   (Use the police number shown at the bottom of page 1).  The frequency of trespassing has increased since a recycling facility was installed in the lot behind the Lucky’s.

Pest Control

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month Terminex provides pest control services to the complex.   A low-odor, Non- toxic spray is used.   If you should see cockroaches in your unit, please contact The Masters Group.

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